Every year people make millions of very futile New Year resolutions. If ever we fail in our attempts, do take heart. Resolutions aren't that impossible. Instead of asking for the sky, start smaller. Keep the aspirations of wanting to be good because the main thing everybody commonly survive on is LOVE.

One of the reasons that new year resolutions are so hard to achieve is that we do not make time for QUIET reflections. Too many people are busy celebrating in NOISE that it is practically impossible to be successful with making resolutions. Having resolutions is a start, but you will need to commit some time to map out exactly what should be done to comply with your resolutions. Actualisation takes realistic steps. Don't distract yourself during such crucial moments when you want to be making major decisions in life.

To achieve phenomenal changes, try making the small changes first. If you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to sacrifice some time for it.

Here is a theory that you can try to apply and put to good use :
There are 365 days in a year, one small change a day makes up to 365 changes a year. Statistically speaking, if you manage to achieve only 10% of it, you are making 36 changes a year. All these small changes ease the way for the improvements you have always wanted. You may experience a paradigm shift in thinking by changing your lifestyle in these smaller efforts. Due to consciously putting yourself in a positive environment, you will experience a change. It is all about building new good habits. Then you have to learn how to adapt to these new habits and keep from backsliding by throwing some bad habits away.

Little examples : I shall read the regional news once a month, I shall cleanse and moisturize more often, I shall drink more water, I shall only fill my stomach up to 60% (or less) for each meal, I shall remember to be humble, I shall practice keeping quiet so I can hear what is going on around me, I shall have more girl friends, I shall not be afraid of being honest, I shall throw away my fears, I shall make time to be on my own, I shall not obligate myself with toxic personalities, I shall get to know myself really well, I shall not argue with people, I shall be patient and explain things more thoroughly in misunderstandings, I shall learn to have stronger faith in the things I believe in, I shall learn to laugh from my heart, I shall not be overly positive if it defies reality, I shall not sleep in the day, I shall not waste my time or other people's time, I shall learn something new everyday...... Happiness is the universal thing that everyone is seeking, I shall try to make it happen for others so it could happen for myself.

When small steps are in place, bigger steps don't look so far away. Try some poesitivity. Aim for your star. It would be positive even if you end up landing on treetops!