Why is Poesy's World 'quiet'..

It is important that we spend moments to ourselves without the daily distractions and noise from the outside world.

We should make time for ourselves everyday, without the self-inflicted sounds -eg; constant blaring music- we subject ourselves to and drowning out our inner voices. Silence and solitude is the best remedy to all our problems, because we need to hear ourselves think rationally.

People most often grasp for unnecessary diversion from facing their own issues. Do not heed the need to spend your idle time in non-essential speech and interaction.

The only thing we need to grasp is the control of our own thoughts. Learning spiritually. Defy the 'ego' and the solutions to your problems will fall into place. Be driven by quiet goodness.

Being quiet is to meditate on things. You can achieve a higher meaning to life and find peace amidst adversities. Our life is but a spiritual experience in this secular world and we need to master our inner minds so that we are always prepared to face our mental incapabilities to overcome hurdles.

If I could help another by sharing what I have here, it would be such a blessing. I pray for one to find the intended life purpose that was destined for each of us. In that, it is an honor to share this quiet message. Remember why silence should not be uncomfortable. The louder you get, the less convincing you are. Do things in quiet discipline and humility.

They say silence is a virtue..